West Central 4-A Regional

West Forsyth HS, Clemmons, NC
Friday - November 8, 1996

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3.1 miles
Team scores (top three qualify for state):
 1. Mount Tabor 57
 2. East Forsyth 77
 3. Greensboro Page 92
 4. West Forsyth 104
 5. North Forsyth 115
 6. Reynolds 125
 7. Davie 147
 8. Greensboro Grimsley 178
 9. South Stokes 266
10. South Rowan 271
11. Eden Morehead 337

1. Justin Park, Greensboro Page 16:39
2. Doug Wessling, Mount Tabor 17:05
3. David Jordan, East Forsyth 17:30
4. Leonard Mitchell, East Forsyth 17:33
5. Garick Hill, Davie County 17:34
6. Curtis Cheeks, North Forsyth 17:42
7. Brad Ferguson, North Forsyth 17:56
8. Ben Darnell, Greensboro Page 17:57
9. Tyler Ladner, Mount Tabor 18:01
10. Buddy Sumner, Reynolds 18:01

State qualifiers:
Hill, Cheeks, Ferguson, Sumner, 
Charles Caudill, (North Forsyth).

Team scores (top three qualify for state):
 1. West Forsyth 31
 2. Mount Tabor 37
 3. Reynolds 102
 4. Davie 135
 5. North Forsyth 140
 6. Greensboro Grimsley 156
 7. Greensboro Page 188
 8. East Forsyth 198
 9. South Stokes 266
10. South Rowan 252

 1. Whitney Webber, West Forsyth 20:01
 2. Elizabeth Pate, Mount Tabor 20:18
 3. Katheryn Jenkins, West Forsyth 20:27
 4. Jamie Arton, West Forsyth 20:44
 5. Allie Unger, Mount Tabor 21:00
 6. Meredith Owensby, East Forsyth 21:28
 7. Meredith Jones, Mount Tabor 21:35
 8. Kelly Clark, Greensboro Grimsley 21:44
 9. Marci Thomas, Mount Tabor 21:49
10. Robin Ashcraft, Reynolds 21:51

State qualifiers:
Owensby, Clark, Jessica Hartsough (Greensboro Page), 
Hillary Brickey (Davie), Caroline Steed (Davie).

Mount Tabor, West advance to State Meet

Park of Page, Webber of West win as individuals
By Jay Spivey, Special To The Journal

Source:  The Winston-Salem Journal, Saturday - Nov. 9, 1996

Clemmons -- Driving rain caused difficult running conditions yesterday afternoon, but the cross-country runners trudged to the finish line in the West Central 4-A Regional at West Forsyth.

Mount Tabor (57 points) won the boys race to qualify for the state meet, and West Forsyth (31) won the girls. The state meet will be Nov. 19 at McAlpine Greenway in Charlotte.

Also qualifying in boys were East Forsyth (77) and Greensboro Page (92). The other girls teams were Mount Tabor (37) and Reynolds (102).

The most treacherous conditions of the 3.1-mile course were in the woods where many runners fell or grabbed on to trees.

Justin Park of Page won the boys race, beating Doug Wessling of Mount Tabor. Park had a time of 16:39, and Wessling finished in 17:05.

Park has only run in five meets this season because he plays soccer. Page lost in the first round of the soccer playoffs, which allowed Park to run in the race.

Park said that he hadn't kept up with who the good teams or good individuals were in the meet.

"I knew Tabor was good. I knew their whole team, but I didn't know individually what the competition was," he said.

Park said he enjoyed the rough conditions.

"It was awful, but it wasn't as bad as it could be," Park said. "It couldn't have been as bad as last year's state meet. I don't know -- I kind of like running in the rain. I just didn't want it to get too cold."

Wessling said he had heard how good Park was.

"He's a pretty good soccer player from what I understand," he said. "He's only run a couple of meets here and there, and he's been training pretty hard."

In the girl's meet, Whitney Webber of West Forsyth outdistanced Elizabeth Pate of Mount Tabor. Webber finished in 20:01, and Pate was 17 seconds behind. Kathryn Jenkins of West finished third.

"I just felt pretty good," Webber said. "I felt my time wasn't the best because of the conditions. I just came out on the track and saw my time -- I just tried to push it under 20 (minutes), but that didn't happen."

Coach Jeff Thompson of West said he likes Webber's chances in Charlotte.

"She has a great chance of going down and winning the state meet," he said. "I don't think she has to do anything special -- she's been doing the right things all year."

The top five runners not on a qualifying team also advanced to the state meet as individuals. They are Garick Hill of Davie, Buddy Sumner of Reynolds and Curtis Cheeks, Brad Ferguson, and Charles Caudill of North Forsyth.

The top five girls not on teams that qualified are Meredith Owensby of East, Kelly Clark of Greensboro Grimsley, Jessica Hartsough of Page and Hillary Brickey and Caroline Steed of Davie.

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