1983 Kinney South Cross Country Regional

Friday - November 25, 1983
McAlpine Greenway Park, Charlotte

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Meet Has Drawn Top of Cross Country Crop
Source: The Charlotte Observer, Friday - Nov. 25, 1983
By Gene Upchurch, Staff Writer

One of the officials for today's qualifying meet for the Kinney Cross Country championships has little trouble summing up the quality of competition.

"It's unbelievable," says Max Mayo of Athens, Ga., coordinator for the Kinney Southern Regional qualifying meet at 11:30 a.m. today at Charlotte's McAlpine Greenway Park.

Mayo, the cross country coach at Athens's Cedar Shoals High, cannot be accused of falsely bragging about the competition in today's Kinney meet, which includes nearly 400 high school runners from 12 Southern states.

"There is no one in the South who isn't in this meet who isn't a top runner," Mayo says. "In the past couple of years, there have been a couple who haven't come, but this year we got them all."

The top eight finishers in the boys' and girls' races today will advance to Kinney's national meet Dec. 10 in San Diego. But finishing among the top eight will not be easy, considering the level of competition in the event.

"We have 17 of the 20 state champions in the South," Mayo says. "We have 95% of the top kids from each state."

Among the favorites in this year's race are several runners whose experience on the McAlpine course should help them try to break the boys' course record of 14:57.6, set last year by Brian Jaeger of Winter Park, Fla.

The favorites include John Erickson of Southeast Guilford, who won the N.C. high school meet Nov. 4 with a state meet record of 15:14.

Other favorites include a pair of runners who qualified for the Kinney national meet last year. Ken Cheeseman of Casselberry, Fla., finished sixth in the 1982 Southern meet and 17th in the national meet. Greg Hoofnagle of Atkins, Va., finished fourth in the qualifying race and 27th in the national event.

Other top boys' entries include Jeff Slater of Langley, Va., and Greg Green of Ft. Lauderdale, according to Mayo.

The girls will be shooting for the course record of 17:21.2 set in last year's Kinney meet by Andrea Volpe of Springfield, Va., who eventually finished fourth in the national meet.

The top entries this year include Donna Combs of Neptune Beach, Fla., a 10th grader who finished seventh in the regional meet last year and took 27th in the national meet. Other top girls' entries are Alena Palmquist of Marietta, Ga., and Sonja Braash of Orange Park, Fla., both of whom qualified for the national meet as freshmen and sophomores but failed to finish in the top eight last year.

Floridian Wins Kinney Meet
Source: The Charlotte Observer, Saturday - Nov. 26, 1983
By Gene Upchurch, Staff Writer

The toughest foe for Greg Green was not a swift group of the South's top high school runners.

It was chilly, blustery weather which appeals to runners who're accustomed to it but is a breath-taking affair for a runner from balmy Florida.

"It was 76 degrees when I left home." said the Fort Lauderdale runner. "I'm sure not used to this."

Green, the Florida state 4A cross country champion, won the Southern Regional men's qualifying meet for the Kinney Cross Country Championships on Friday at McAlpine Greenway Park with a time of 15:12 over the 5,000-meter course.

Green and the other top seven men's finishers, as well as the top eight women's finishers, qualified for the national Kinney meet Dec. 10 in San Diego.

Green apparently didn't suffer greatly from the weather, especially during the thrilling final stretch of the men's race when he sprinted past Greg Hoofnagle of Marion, Va., to take a narrow victory.

Hoofnagle led most of the race, and held a lead of several seconds over Green and a pack of other runners until the final half-mile. Green closed the gap on Hoofnagle and sprinted past him less than 30 yards from the finish line.

"I knew I was going to move up on him, but I didn't know how soon," said Green, who failed to break Brian Jaeger's course record of 14:57. "I wanted to make my move at that point. He had a pretty good lead at one time but I knew I had a lot left. The way it looked to me was he was moving at the same pace and I was moving a little faster."

Kathleen Smith, of San Antonio, smashed the course record and romped to an easy victory to advance to the national meet Dec. 10 in San Diego. Smith's time of 16:56 easily broke Andrea Volpe's course record of 17:21 and was 32 seconds faster than second-place Demarch Robertson of Virginia.

Joining Green and Hoofnagle in the Kinney championships was John Erickson of Greensboro, the winner of the N.C. state meet. He finished fifth Friday in 15:22.

Other men's qualifiers were Jeff Slater of Virginia (15:21); Tony Martinez of Texas (15:22); Clifford Holtz of Virginia (15:23); Chuck Harmon of Kentucky (15:28); and John Stein of Virginia (15:28).

Other women joining Smith and Robertson in San Diego were Brenda Moore of Texas (17:32); Victoria Verinder of Virginia (17:35); Alena Palmquist of Georgia (17:43); Stacey Zartler of Texas (17:45); Donna Combs of Florida (17:46); and Juanita Wilson of Texas (17:56).

The top area men's finisher was Eric Landis of East Mecklenburg, who finished 65th in 16:33.
The following two photos appeared in the
Saturday, November 26, 1983 Charlotte Observer:

The following two photos appeared in the January 1984 issue
of RACING SOUTH magazine:

  1. Greg Green       FL 15:12 Dillard HS, Ft. Lauderdale        Sr
  2. Greg Hoofnagle   VA 15:13 Atkins                            Sr
  3. Jeff Slater      VA 15:21 Richmond                          Sr
  4. Tony Martinez    TX 15:22 San Antonio                       Sr
  5. John Erickson    NC 15:22 Southeast Guilford HS, Greensboro Sr
  6. Clifford Holtz   VA 15:23 Annandale HS, Annandale           Sr
  7. Chuck Harmon     KY 15:28 Alexandria                        Sr
  8. John Stein       VA 15:28 Woodbridge HS, Woodbridge         Sr
  9. Gary Cobb        VA 15:29 Patrick Henry HS, Ashland
 10. Daniel Sturgill  VA 15:34
 11. George Gardner   FL 15:35
 12. James Flack      GA 15:36
 13. Stacy Sutter     TX 15:38 McCullough HS, The Woodlands
 14. James Knapp      VA 15:39
 15. Doug Bloor       VA 15:40
 16. Jonathan Drake   NC 15:42 Chapel Hill HS, Chapel Hill
 17. Chris Brooks     FL 15:42
 18. Ken Cheesman     FL 15:43 Lake Howell HS, Casselberry
 19. Dwayne Stover    VA 15:47
 20. David Adams      TX 15:47
 21. David Coulter    VA 15:48
 22. Robert Urban     SC 15:49 Richland Northeast, Columbia
 23. Kevin Cantrell   FL 15:51 Mount Dora HS, Mount Dora
 24. Hank Lee         AL 15:52 McGill-Toolen HS, Mobile
 25. Chuck Lotz       GA 15:53 Westminster, Atlanta
 26. Brett Smith      TN 15:55
 27. James McCarter   VA 16:01 Stonewall Jackson HS, Manassas
 28. Tripp Godfrey    FL 16:02
 29. William Gardner  TX 16:03 McCullough HS, The Woodlands
 30. Timothy Vinson   VA 16:04
 31. Robert Dills     TN 16:06
 32. Tony Young       GA 16:09 Walton HS, Marietta
 33. Chris Edwards    VA 16:10 Patrick Henry HS, Roanoke
 34. Charles Freda    VA 16:11
 35. Randy Ashley     GA 16:11
 36. Jesse Thomas III KY 16:12 Anderson County, Lawrenceburg
 37. Mark Lambert     VA 16:12
 38. Michael Scholl   VA 16:15 Peninsula Catholic, Newport News
 39. William L Fiske  VA 16:16
 40. Jack Worthington VA 16:17
 41. Jeff Stephens    TX 16:17 McCullough HS, The Woodlands
 42. Nicky Embrey     VA 16:18 North Stafford HS, Stafford
 43. Richard McKenna  FL 16:18
 44. Jim Leahey       FL 16:20
 45. David Ryan       GA 16:21 Stone Mountain HS, Stone Mountain
 46. Kenneth Kokko    TX 16:22 Greenhill HS, Dallas
 47. Thomas Hajecate  TX 16:22 McCullough HS, The Woodlands
 48. Bret Bloomquist  TX 16:23 Greenhill HS, Dallas
 49. Charles Hinkle   VA 16:24 Blacksburg HS, Blacksburg
 50. Chip Owens       GA 16:24 Tucker HS, Stone Mountain
 51. Paul Carpenter   NC 16:25 T.C. Roberson HS, Asheville
 52. Fred Rorer       KY 16:25
 53. Jimmy Berryman   TX 16:26 McCullough HS, The Woodlands
 54. unidentified     KY 16:27
 55. Greg Watson      VA 16:28
 56. Todd Coppedge    VA 16:28 Robinson HS, Fairfax
 57. Phil Wharton     FL 16:29 Winter Park HS, Winter Park
 58. Jeff Burger      FL 16:29
 59. Eric Goetz       VA 16:30
 60. Jimmy Scoggins   AL 16:30 Grissom HS, Huntsville
 61. Steve Allen      AL 16:30 Haleyville HS, Haleyville
 62. Peter Zalopany   AL 16:31 McGill-Toolen, Mobile
 63. Donald McKay     VA 16:32
 64. Donnie Chapman   GA 16:32 Dunwoody HS, Dunwoody
 65. Eric Landis      NC 16:33 East Mecklenburg, Charlotte
 66. Barry Lucas      KY 16:33 Grayson County, Leitchfield
 67. John Walthall    AL 16:34
 68. Robert MacTavish FL 16:35
 69. Randy Hudson     TN 16:36
 70. Jeff Shuck       KY 16:37 Jeffersontown HS, Louisville
 71. Eric Alvarez     FL 16:38
 72. John Wisker      FL 16:39
 73. Tony Parks       AL 16:39
 74. Pedro Torres     TX 16:40 McCullough HS, The Woodlands
 75. Steve Kurtz      VA 16:40 Woodbridge HS, Woodbridge
 76. Mike Landry      TX 16:41
 77. Ernest Parham    GA 16:41
 78. Brian Black      FL 16:42
 79. Lindsay Gagnon   TX 16:42
 80. Andrew Hudson    VA 16:43 Woodbridge HS, Woodbridge
 81. unidentified     KY 16:43
 82. Eddie Jones      AL 16:44
 83. Tony Williams    VA 16:44 Quantico HS, Quantico
 84. Jeff Birt        KY 16:44
 85. Bradley Dykes    FL 16:45 Lake Howell HS, Casselberry
 86. Kevin Maddron    FL 16:46
 87. Paul Von Wedel   GA 16:46 Stone Mountain HS, Stone Mountain
 88. Bill Cook        SC 16:47
 89. Scott Whiteley   GA 16:47 Tucker HS, Tucker
 90. unidentified     NC 16:48
 91. Stephen Makowka  VA 16:48 Robinson HS, Fairfax
 92. John Cobb Jr.    VA 16:49 Episcopal, Alexandria
 93. Jeff Henkey      AL 16:49
 94. Mike Edwards     GA 16:50
 95. Steve Wester     NC 16:50 Harnett Central, Lillington
 96. David Shive      VA 16:53
 97. Charles Buckles  FL 16:53
 98. Wade Wootan      LA 16:54
 99. Johnny Grams     TX 16:55 McCullough HS, The Woodlands
100. James Peeples    FL 16:56
101. Bobby Baker      GA 16:56
102. Paul Brenneman   GA 16:57 Walton HS, Marietta
103. Danny Gilroy     GA 16:57 Walton HS, Marietta
104. Andrew McCabe    FL 16:59
105. Stuart Hudson    VA 17:01 Woodbridge HS, Woodbridge
106. Austin Dean      KY 17:02
107. Darrell Thornton AL 17:03 McGill-Toolen, Mobile
108. Steve Snyder     VA 17:03
109. Dwayne Ball      VA 17:04 John S. Battle HS, Bristol
110. Garth Hope       TX 17:06 McCullough HS, The Woodlands
111. Adrian Zareh     GA 17:09 Dunwoody HS, Dunwoody
112. Clay Boswell     SC 17:10
113. Matthew Ryan     VA 17:13
114. Robert Powell    VA 17:13
115. Michael Clezie   VA 17:15
116. Todd Kieffer     GA 17:16 Dunwoody HS, Dunwoody
117. Stephen Butler   VA 17:17
118. Howard Robinson  VA 17:17
119. Richard Fannin   FL 17:18 Bolles HS, Jacksonville
120. Robert Ray Jr.   NC 17:18 East Forsyth HS, Winston-Salem
121. James Clark      FL 17:19
122. Edward Lewis     VA 17:20
123. Robert Ruiz      TX 17:20
124. Chris Hertel     NC 17:22 East Mecklenburg HS, Charlotte
125. Chuck Little     NC 17:23 T.C. Roberson HS, Asheville
126. Chris Gallaher   TN 17:24
127. unidentified     VA 17:25
128. Scott Sweitzer   GA 17:25 Pace Academy, Marietta
129. Kenneth Warner   FL 17:26 Avon Park HS, Avon Park
130. Chris Klein      GA 17:26 Walton HS, Marietta
131. Tim Behan        GA 17:28 Stone Mountain HS, Stone Mountain
132. Tony Lewis       GA 17:29
133. Steven Schaeffer VA 17:29
134. Mark Caudle      NC 17:30 Olympic HS, Charlotte
135. Tim Parker       NC 17:32 Independence HS, Charlotte
136. P. Alburquerque  GA 17:33 Walton HS, Marietta
137. Meiliaro Herran  FL 17:37
138. David Stanley    VA 17:38 Patrick Henry HS, Ashland
139. Ted Fort         GA 17:38
140. unidentified     VA 17:40
141. Will Henderson   NC 17:42 Myers Park HS, Charlotte
142. Andy Fausz       KY 17:42
143. Ronnie Bowers    TN 17:43
144. David Bendana    LA 17:43
145. Darren Martinez  FL 17:46
146. Scot Smith       TN 17:48
147. Wayne Ault       AL 17:49
148. Jonathan Clay    VA 17:49
149. Bryan Combs      NC 17:52 Bishop McGuinness, Winston-Salem
150. Jerome Bowles    KY 17:53
151. Clay Hensley     KY 17:55
152. Gerald Davis     SC 17:56
153. Bobby Lee        FL 17:56 McArthur HS, Pembroke Pines
154. Brian Beckman    AL 17:58
155. John Shepard     TX 17:59 Greenhill, Dallas
156. Phillip Fields   AL 17:59
157. Adam Brunning    GA 18:00
158. Roger Poe        VA 18:03
159. Mack Hildmyer    FL 18:08
160. Kevin Scussel    GA 18:09 Walton HS, Marietta
161. Pierce Marshall  TX 18:10 Greenhill, Dallas
162. Mark Rau         VA 18:14
163. William Rose     TX 18:16 Greenhill, Dallas
164. Tim Plunkett     GA 18:16
165. Erik Anderson    VA 18:23
166. Brian Cooke      VA 18:25
167. Ron Saunders     KY 18:28 Jeffersontown, Louisville
168. John Ragsdale    GA 18:29
169. John Hoskins     NC 18:30 Myers Park HS, Charlotte
170. Brian Payne      NC 18:31 East Mecklenburg HS, Charlotte
171. Danny Collins    GA 18:37
172. Bill Shippen     GA 18:38
173. Mickey Wright    GA 18:42
174. John McBride     NC 18:48
175. Robert Williams  SC 18:51 Chapin HS, Chapin
176. William Baker    FL 18:59 Mount Dora HS, Mount Dora
177. Ben Childress    KY 19:04
178. Timmy Yell       KY 19:08
179. Ray Foster       KY 19:10
180. Quill Healy      GA 19:22
181. Mike Bowling     NC 19:30
182. Jamey Henson     NC 19:32 Ashbrook HS, Gastonia
183. Mike Knapp       NC 19:43 South Mecklenburg HS, Charlotte
184. Erik Neelsen     NC 19:44
185. Brian Lewis      VA 19:57
186. Mike Towe        KY 20:01
187. Brian Updike     VA 20:04
188. D. Bhattacharjee VA 20:05
189. Kevin Lucey      NC 20:17 South Mecklenburg HS, Charlotte
190. unknown          VA 20:45
191. Tim Key          NC 21:21 Independence HS, Charlotte
(191 finishers)
Top 8 finishers in those days advanced to the National Finals.
Schools and hometowns were not on the official results
but were gleaned (if available) from the 1983 meet program.

 1. Kathleen Smith    TX 16:56 West Churchill, San Antonio        Sr
 2. Demarch Robertson VA 17:28 Jefferson-Huguenot-Wythe, Richmond Jr
 3. Brenda Moore      TX 17:32 Amarillo HS, Amarillo              Sr
 4. Victoria Verinder VA 17:35 Great Falls                        Sr
 5. Alena Palmquist   GA 17:43 Walton HS, Marietta                Sr
 6. Stacey Zartler    TX 17:45 McArthur HS, Irving
 7. Donna Combs       FL 17:46 Neptune Beach
 8. Juanita Wilson    TX 17:56 Euless
 9. Mindy Lukens      GA 18:05 Lassiter HS, Marietta
10. Erin Keogh        VA 18:06 Langley HS, McLean
11. J. Pederson       VA 18:12
12. Whitney Jessee    VA 18:15 John S. Battle HS, Bristol
13. Kristi Cassell    VA 18:20 Lake Braddock HS, Springfield
14. Lesley Whitehead  TN 18:23
15. Laura Wilson      TX 18:24 St. John's, Houston
16. Helen Rogers      AL 18:25
17. Tonha Welch       VA 18:28 South Lakes HS, Reston
18. Leanne Case       GA 18:29 Walton HS, Marietta
19. Beth Fleming      VA 18:30 Blacksburg HS, Blacksburg
20. Janis DeHaye      AL 18:31 Grissom HS, Huntsville
21. Jody-Lyn Clarke   VA 18:33
22. Anne Koski        AL 18:35
23. Stacy Shelton     GA 18:43
24. Nancy Crutcher    KY 18:44 Oldham County HS, Lagrange
25. Wendy McLees      NC 18:45 Grimsley HS, Greensboro
26. Karen Wierwille   VA 18:47 Blacksburg HS, Blacksburg
27. Loreen White      GA 18:55
28. Deanne Dahmer     AL 19:01
29. Robin Andrew      NC 19:05 Western Guilford HS, Greensboro
30. Jennifer Kemp     GA 19:06 Lassiter HS, Marietta
31. Charlotte Carlson NC 19:10 Northwest Cabarrus HS, Concord
32. Kim Hawkins       KY 19:11 Bath County HS, Owingsville
33. Michelle Crow     SC 19:15 Irmo HS, Columbia
34. Wendi Jessee      VA 19:16 John S. Battle HS, Bristol
35. Terrie Jackson    GA 19:17
36. Jeanne Sapienza   KY 19:19 Central HS, Louisville
37. unidentfied       VA 19:20
38. Roxanne Robbins   FL 19:21
39. Wendy Croteau     FL 19:25
40. Joy Nicholson     VA 19:30
41. Tyira Harris      VA 19:35 Jefferson-Huguenot-Wythe, Richmond
42. Ketchia Smith     GA 19:37
43. Angela Birt       KY 19:40
44. Cindy Martin      AL 19:49
45. N. Batchelder     FL 19:50
46. Yvette Begin      FL 19:56
47. Julia Deaner      VA 19:57
48. Peggy McKelvey    VA 19:59
49. Tracey Webb       VA 20:01 Jefferson-Huguenot-Wythe, Richmond
50. Kim Allen         TN 20:02
51. Suzanne Paszly    VA 20:03
52. Kathy Graves      VA 20:04
53. Kim Duncan        VA 20:08
54. Loretta Simeon    FL 20:11 Fort Walton Beach, Destin
55. Freddie Lashley   NC 20:12 T.C. Roberson HS, Asheville
56. Terri Lynch       GA 20:17
57. Linda Neuls       VA 20:18
58. Tammy Reardon     FL 20:19
59. Marina Cofer      VA 20:24 Langley HS, Great Falls
60. Arlene Musick     VA 20:27 John S. Battle HS, Bristol
61. Francine Dumas    NC 20:28 T.C. Roberson HS, Asheville
62. Monica Gathings   SC 20:30 Indian Land, Fort Mill
63. Hunter Sandifer   GA 20:38
64. Patti Sinclair    SC 20:40 Lancaster HS, Lancaster
65. Beth Mayo         GA 20:41 Cedar Shoals HS, Winterville
66. Sandy Bixler      NC 20:45 South Mecklenburg, Charlotte
67. Robin Lindsey     GA 20:46
68. Melissa Wright    TN 20:49
69. Holly Parks       AL 20:52
70. Becky Dowling     GA 20:57
71. Elizabeth Lewis   FL 21:02
72. Amy Cassady       VA 21:07
73. Tammy Dee         GA 21:07
74. Kathryn Crissman  GA 21:08
75. C. Oerting        GA 21:43
76. Tammy Warner      FL 21:48 Avon Park HS, Avon Park
77. Karen Hatch       GA 22:05
78. Kim Anderson      GA 22:06
79. Brenda Dowling    GA 22:16
80. Jamie Oxendine    NC 22:23 East Mecklenburg, Charlotte
81. Jackie Smith      VA 22:24
82. Anne Marie Young  VA 22:37
83. Kelley Hughes     NC 22:49 East Mecklenburg, Charlotte
84. Barbie Graham     GA 23:03
85. Cherie Corcoran   SC 23:20 Indian Land, Fort Mill
86. Regina Compton    SC 23:26 Sumter HS, Sumter
87. Melissa Ghayer    VA 23:50
88. Katie Reed        GA 24:00
89. Cindy Noe         SC 24:21 Indian Land, Fort Mill
90. Christine Ziegler SC 24:25 Indian Land, Fort Mill
91. Alesia Malott     GA 24:32
92. Mary Pierce       VA 24:58
93. Laura McKeithen   NC 25:48 Myers Park HS, Charlotte
94. Michelle Lamey    NC 25:49
(94 finishers.)
Top 8 finishers in those days advanced to the National Finals.
Schools and hometowns were not on the official results
but were gleaned (if available) from the 1983 meet program.

COACHES: (Info from 1983 meet program)
Grissom HS        Huntsville     David Yates, Adam Williamson
Haleyville        Haleyville     Howie Lyons
McGill-Toolen     Mobile         Angelo Harris

Avon Park         Avon Park      Chet Brojek
Bolles            Jacksonville   Rodney Smith
Fort Walton Beach Destin         Coach Wood
Lake Howell       Casselberry    Joe Corso
Largo             Largo          Brent Haley
McArthur          Pembroke Pines Don Roberts
Mount Dora        Mount Dora     Frederick Finke
Orange Park       Orange Park    Greg Henderson
Winter Park       Winter Park    John O'Brian

Cedar Shoals      Winterville    Randy Bufford
Dunwoody          Dunwoody       Steve Prettyman
Feldwood          College Park   George Phillips
Lassiter          Marietta       Murray Sanford
Pace Academy      Marietta       Stephen Cunningham
Stone Mountain    Stone Mountain Bill Spurling
Tucker            Stone Mountain Marvin Murphy
Walton            Marietta       Lee Gower
Westminster       Atlanta        Paul Koshewa

Anderson County   Lawrenceburg   Randall Crist
Bath County       Owingsville    Tim Bailey, Hopey Newkirk
Central           Louisville     Jerome Henderson
Grayson County    Leitchfield    Don Lee
Jeffersontown     Louisville     Ray Fore
Oldham County     Lagrange       Paul Upchurch

St. Andrew's      Jackson        Bradley Mullis

Ashbrook          Gastonia       Gary Evans
Chapel Hill       Chapel Hill    Tom Arnold
East Burke        Hildebran      Ron Hastings
East Mecklenburg  Charlotte      Larry McAfee
Harnett Central   Lillington     Glenn Wade
Independence      Charlotte      Jimmie Steele
Mooresville       Mooresville    Scott Sarvis
Myers Park        Charlotte      Richard Prince
NW Cabarrus       Concord        David Mills
Olympic           Charlotte      Britt Alley
R-S Central       Rutherfordton  Stacy Lail
South Mecklenburg Charlotte      Carol Drum
T.C. Roberson     Asheville      Norman Blair
Western Guilford  Greensboro     Tim Vail

Sumter            Sumter         Sammy Way
Indian Land       Fort Mill      Tommy Sinclair
Irmo              Columbia       Mike Moore
Lancaster         Lancaster      Claude Sinclair

-- TEXAS --
Amarillo          Amarillo       Lorie Scott
Berkner           Garland        Sandra Lymon
Dobie             Houston        Mike McKinney
Greenhill         Dallas         Steven Blanchard
McCullough        The Woodlands  Dan Green
Morehead          El Paso        Wm. Ljungdahl
St. John's        Houston        Wes Reade
W. Churchill      San Antonio    Stacey Chessher

Abingdon          Abingdon        Don Cumbow
Albemarle         Charlottesville Dan Monahan
Annandale         Annandale       Bernie Forte
Blacksburg        Blacksburg      David Rinker
Episcopal         Alexandria      Evan Male
John S. Battle    Bristol         Randy Smith
Lake Braddock     Springfield     Chris McDonald
Langley           Great Falls     Timo Dowd
North Stafford    Stafford        Henry Winger
Patrick Henry     Ashland         Scott Hutchison
Patrick Henry     Roanoke         Lloyd Woods
Peninsula Cath.   Newport News    Joe Levi
Quantico          Triangle        Frank Potvin
Robinson          Fairfax         Dee Raynes
South Lakes       Reston          Garnett Million
Stonewall Jackson Manassas        John Krasich
Thomas Dale       Chester         Bob Horning
Woodbridge        Woodbridge      Ron Helmer
Jefferson-Huguenot-Wythe Richmond  Jim Holdren
(No Tennessee or Louisiana coaches listed.)

MEET OFFICIALS (From 1983 meet program)

Meet Director       Max Mayo
Assistant Director  Bryan Stovall
Referee             Richard Prince
Head Inspector      Larry McAfee
Starter             Roy Bradley
Scorer              Terry Startsman, Jim Early, George Phillips, Betty Berry
Video Tape          Frasier Ives, Malcolm Ferguson
Marshalls           Jimmie Steele, Bill Stevens
Trainers            Judy Mizell, Glynn Lookabill
Head Timer & Finish Judge  Keith Helms

Timers & Judges:
Jack Reisterer      Jim Villella       Anne Matthews
Jimmy Gulley        Gary Church        James Braswell
Kirk Hardymon       Jane Bradley       Marty Payne
Chunk Helms         Laney Funderburk   Glenn Hardymon
Randy Layman        Lois Funderburk

Quick-Score         Katrina Swanson
Hostess             Dallas Yarborough, Darcy Shirley, Lil Wasson
Course Preparation  Dan Gentry, Lonnie White, Leon Wallace, Barry Mason

Mecklenburg County Park Officials:
Dave Singletary, Director
Bill Warren, Asst. Director
Blaine Gregory, Park Manager
Ben Carter, Ranger
Earl Bostic, Ranger

Announcers          Bill Stevens, Jimmy Steele
Press Steward       Woody Chapman
Public Relations    Bill Ballenger

Where They Are Now (1983)
1982 Qualifiers from the South Regional:
(From the 1983 meet program)

                  Place at
Brian Jaeger      6th--14:56.2  Providence
Billy Convey     16th--15:14.3  U. of Virginia
Gavin Gaynor     14th--15:09.6  N.C. State
Greg Hoofnagle   27th--15:35.2  Senior in High School
Jeff Moss        24th--15:31.6  Rice University
Ken Cheesman     17th--15:14.7  Senior in High School
Walter Deneen    11th--15:05    North Carolina
Huey Treat       12th--15:06.7  Texas A&M
Andrea Volpe      4th--17:06.2  U. of Virginia
Alisa Harvey     28th--18:21.6  U. of Tennessee
Karol Dorsett    18th--17:51.5  N.C. State
Carmen Gardner   11th--17:35.8  U. of Florida
Elizabeth Hester 29th--18:54.7
Kathy Ormsby     23rd--18:08.5  N.C. State
Donna Combs      27th--18:21.5  Soph. in High School
Cecile Gaines    24th--18:10.2  Michigan State

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