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Source: The Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel - Thursday, Nov. 3, 1983.

Demon Harriers Pursuing Title

By Mary Garber, Staff Reporter

Coach Norm Trzaskoma thinks his Reynolds cross country team is in good position to win the North Carolina High School Athletic Association state title at Charlotte Friday.

"We have been talking about the state championship since the season began." Trzaskoma said after the Demons won the sectional meet at West Forsyth last week. "Any one of six teams could win the title, the field is that balanced. Durham Hillside, T.C. Roberson, Chapel Hill, Greensboro Grimsley or Reynolds could win. We won't be the favorites. Everyone but us will be surprised if we do win."

Trzaskoma says there are several reasons why the Demons have a good chance: there is no dominant team. Reynolds has good balance, and Trzaskoma believes that if his runners can finish within a minute of each other, their chances of winning the title are good.

"We need to have our sixth man close to the first with between 40 and 60 seconds separating them." said Trzaskoma. "We need to have our first man somewhere in the top 10, and our fifth man no more than a minute behind him."

"Breaks are important in the state meet, by that I mean a team must be free from injuries or illness. And there's going to be a lot of pressure. It's important how a team handles that. It comes down to a test of nerves.

"The team that is ahead after the first mile has the advantage, but the field is so well balanced this year that thelast half-mile is going to be really important."

In the 11 years he has been at Reynolds, Trzaskoma has won five state titles, finished twice two times and fifth three times. His last state title was in 1980.

Kurt Seeber is the Demons' No. 1 runner. A six-footer, Seeber has been running since ninth grade at Mt. Tabor. He finished third in the secional and won the city and Central Piedmont Conference meets.

"He's consistent." said Trzaskoma. "You can count on him to run near the front. He has good speed and endurance. He can make a mistake, like going out too fast, and come back from it."

David Mays finished fourth for Reynolds in the secional. He was slowed this fall when his bike was hit by a car and he suffered bruises and a pulled muscle.

Eddie Wilson "is the most improved runner from last year." Trzaskoma said. "He has been consistent and given us the depth we need."

Mark Cooper "has been consistent and has the potential to be a very good one." said Trzaskoma.

Rod Williams has had problems with injuries, cramps, heat exhaustion and a fall in which he hit a rock. "But, he could make us awesome." said Trzaskoma.

David Polmberg is the No. 6 man. "He starts slow and finishes strong. Now he is less than a minute behind the others, and he could be a key man for us in the state meet." said Trzaskoma.

"It takes a special kind of kid to run cross country," said Trzaskoma. "Most of them are strong academically. It takes mental as well as physical preparation to run 5,000 meters in a meet, especially when you run much more than that to get ready."

"It takes dedication." said Seeber. "There are days when it's raining, and I have to run 440-intervals, and I wouldn't do it. But it's just I want to be the best I can be. I hate intervals and rain and lifting weights."

"I need to get into the right frame of mind to win," Mays said. "It's hard work, and I have to push myself, but all the hard work pays off with that moment of exhilaration."

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